Messy Play

Welcome to a download of the good, the bad and the ugly trash generated by the Toddler Birthday Party. It’s the morning after the 4th birthday party and this head is pounding. It’s a sugar come down with acute exhaustion and relief. No regrets, it was a raucous affair, food was thrown, drink was spilt but … More Messy Play

Drink in the Green Sunshine for a Brighter Day

Beginning the day with a tall glass bottle of green ‘milk’ might, sounds like a repugnant prospect for most. I say milk, not because this resembles dairy produce in any way, but strangely – the similarity is the taste! The green mornings are going well. Hand-fulls of leafy stuff is snatched from the veg box … More Drink in the Green Sunshine for a Brighter Day

Farm food – tick!

Cleaner, greener living includes clean food right? There’d be no point buying microwave meals as part of a zero or near-o waste lifestyle. Clean food in essence, is whole food. The catch for me is how to remain true to that, getting foods that are unpackaged and unprocessed to fit into busy everyday life. Blending … More Farm food – tick!


Checklist: Take a bottle out in a cloth bag. That’s not a very long checklist? I think it’s maybe a bigger deal than many of the other measures I’ve put in place to improve in this area. It’s unnervingly simple. I still fail over and over again to remember. But am getting better. Cold pressed coffee … More Re-usables

Milk without the Milk

In the first instance: Non dairy alternatives had become a staple but with a price. The cartons and tetra packs were just not working on the recycling front. If I wanted to zero-recycle in favour of using reusables I needed to switch. In the second instance: I got lucky when making my first nut milk. I soaked … More Milk without the Milk

Making a list and checking it twice

Practising any new path doesn’t come easy at first. The various new goals we have set ourselves in this household seem, at times, out of reach. For example: consuming food bought away from the supermakets, life without junk mail, flyers, newspapers, free papers, no more overindulgent hot showers, long baths and shop bought lotions and potions. … More Making a list and checking it twice